Helipad Pro 1.0

Helipad Pro v1.0 Apk - Helipad Pro the free roaming helicopter flying game.

Helipad Pro is the all new exciting helicopter piloting game. This game is suitable for all ages, great for sharing with the family, or just on your own and will keep you entertained for hours. It is challenging as well as a fun fulfilling game. There are 36 unique levels in this game allowing you to fly and navigate the helicopter to complete tasks contained in a variety of 4 worlds.

To control the helicopter you can simply tilt it in the direction you wish to fly. To lower the rope you just press and hold the screen; to raise the rope just release. Use the rope to both pick up objects or civilians and help to transport them to their destination. Each level is completed once all the tasks are finished, and when the helicopter returns to the helipad. Tasks vary for each world.

These worlds consist of:

 Box world - When playing these levels you will have the ability to pick up and transport boxes of different sizes and uses. Help to move these boxes to remove obstacles or complete tasks. When you have finished all the tasks return to the helipad.

 Rescue world - You will be able to control the helicopter to rescue innocent civilians from mountains, islands, bridges, fires and many other places.

 Maze world – In this world the helicopter has to dodge blocks, missiles and lift barriers to get through each maze and land on the other helipad.

 Random - You will get the chance to pay a mixture of box, rescue and random levels, each level you play will be a surprise. It could be a box level, rescue level or a maze level.

Helipad Pro 1.0

Try to fly the helicopter as quickly as you can completing all tasks as you go to achieve medals. Medals will be awarded depending on the time managed to achieve for the different levels. 
The same rule applies for each world, once you have completed a level, you will unlock the next level.

*If there are any problems you find with this game, do not hesitate to email to inform us. We will respond quicker to feedback received via email than we will to feedback received via ratings.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy HeliPad Pro!

Helipad Pro 1.0


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