How To Break Root Password In Linux 7.0 [ Redhat 7 ]

This article will help you to reset the root password on Redhat enterprise Linux 7 (If you have lost it).  Unlike the previous  version of RHEL releases , REHL 7 brought special attention by bringing the lot of new features  on it.  You need to follow some special instruction on Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 to break the root password since SE-Linux is enabled by default. 

Steps : 

1. System Reboot Now

2. Then Press Continue " Esc " Key

3.  Go To Linux 16 Line , And Press " End " Key 
     And Type      rd.break

4.  Press Ctrl + X Key 

5. Type Commands :

switch_root:/#  mount   -o  remount,rw   /sysroot

switch_root:/#  chroot    /sysroot 

sh-4.2#   passwd

New Password      :  redhat
Retype Password  :  redhat

sh-4.2#   touch    /.autorelabel

sh-4.2#  exit

switch_root:/# exit  

6.   Then Login   " root " User 

7.   And Set New Password .

How To Break Root Password in Linux 7.0

YouTube Video  Link :     Root Password Break