Mrt Hidden : How To Copy Files From Usb To Your Hard Disk In Hidden Mode

MRT Hidden Copy is a lightweight and compact Windows utility designed to help users copy files and folders from an external device (e.g. USB, CD-ROM) in a stealth mode.

This means that the application is able to automatically copy data to the desired location without anyone taking noticing of the performed action.

MRT Hidden Copy sports a clean and simplistic layout that allows users to set up the dedicated parameters with minimum effort.

Steps :

1. Insert Pen drive

2. Then Open MRT HIdden Icon .

3. Check Mark   [ * ]   Moniter Usb
                          [ * ]   Auto Hide at Startup .

4.  Save Location   C: Drive   ---  Mrt Hidden Folder .

5.   Automatic save USB Data . 

YouTube :   

How to Copy Files From USB to Your Hard Disk in Hidden Mode

YouTube Link    :     Mrt Hidden Copy