Assassin's Creed 3

Description of Assassins Creed 3:
After years of endless quarrels and conflicts, the 13 American colonies, finally, are United in the aspiration for independence. In this kala of a hero, and his path starts on the ashes that remained of the native population. Connor, a native of Mohawk tribe, who is fighting for freedom and justice! At his disposal a large Arsenal, which includes the Tomahawk and the famous assassin's blade. Ahead of exciting adventures, journey to the ancient Boston and new York, as well as large-scale naval battles.

Features of Assassins Creed 3:

  • • T history, originating in the time of the American revolution;
  • • Connor - native American tribe, which was exterminated;
  • • A variety of fighting techniques and spectacular battles;
  • • A full Arsenal, which includes the Tomahawk and the famous blade assassin;
  • • The combination of the elements of side-скроллера, action and thrilling chases;
  • • 9 game levels and large-scale naval battles