How To Make Bootable Usb Pen Drive For Windows 10/Linux From Iso File

Make Bootable USB Pendrive:

Your Laptop or PC has no DVD Drive to install Operating System through DVD in such case you can Install OS through Pendrive by making it bootable.

What is a Bootable Pen drive?

     In order to Store your Windows or Linux Operating system in to your Pen drive you have to Make an ISO image file of your Operating System to be fed into your Pen Drive and By means it’s not like normal copying.

1. Download Power ISO :
     To Make ISO image files from DVD or CD, you should install Power ISO application.

       To download Power ISO   CLICK HERE…!

2. Install and Open Power ISO :

   After Installing Power ISO, Open It and Goto ” Tools ” sajian and Click “ Create Bootable USB Device “ .

3. Create Bootable USB Device :

    Select The Source image file.
    Select Destination USB Device.
    Select setting (write method)
    Click Start.
How to make bootable USB Pen drive for windows 7/8 from ISO file

4. Bootable USB Pen Drive Ready 

YouTube :

YouTube Link : make bootable USB Pen drive